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Spiritual Cleansing

Aura Cleansing

Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. The Aura has seven auric layers that connects to different areas of our emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual well being.

Everyone has a unique Aura with different colors and these colors uniquely represent aspects of ourselves and our personality. The Aura can rapidly change from the state of our health, mood, thoughts and feelings.

When the Aura is healthy, it is bright, filled with vibrant colors and works as a protective psychic shield against negative energy. When the Aura is weak and unhealthy, our Aura's are sensitive and can easily be affected by negative influences, negative interactions with others, negative environments and etc. The Aura can easily be affected by unhealthy relationships, negative work environments, negative energy, emotional disappointments, negative thinking, physical illness and etc.

The reason why it is important to keep your Aura clear and healthy is because when the Aura is dark and negative, it attracts negative energy and negative influences. The Aura even affects the way others feel about you. If people sense negativity from your Aura, they can easily get a bad impression of you, making them feel uncomfortable to be close to you.

Affects of an unhealthy Aura:

• Stress and Anxiety

• Negative Thoughts and Feelings

• Feeling Tired, Drained and Discouraged

• Feeling a sense of hopelessness

• Negative Interactions with others

• Unhealthy Relationships

• Sadness and Depression

• Attract Negative Influences

• Blocks Personal and Spiritual Growth

• And much more.

Their are many different ways to cleanse your Aura. Meditation, Spiritual bath rituals, positive visualizations, positive affirmations and etc. Katherine works with each client uniquely to custom design a cleansing that works for their unique Aura and energy field. Consult Katherine Today for a detailed Aura reading and for a unique Aura cleansing plan that will work for you. Click Here